Web Desktop

Web Desktop

Web Desktop is a desktop look web application, which allows you to handle all your personal office works in there. Those icons guide you to easily access your required tasks with desktop experience. It also centralizes all the staff information, and sharing materials.

Key Feature

  • Each staff has his own set of icons and access rights
  • Easily sharing the materials amongst the office/branches
  • A central area to handle the office tasks, e.g. take leave, reimbursements and to-do-lists.
  • Allow sharing the documents in the knowledge library amongst the subordinates
  • Flexible to add the new icons/application under the web desktop.


  • One single access point.
  • A place to communicate with other subordinates.
  • Staff quite familiar with the desktop look and feel to minimize the training time.
  • Take care for the non-office staff to get the update information of the company.
  • Like the APPS, more icons/applications could easily plug and play in the web desktop.

Web Desktop Screen Capture

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Web Desktop Screen Capture 2
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