PRIME (Post, Rank, and Identity Management Essentials) is a cost-effective career transition solution which allows you to improve the overall experience of posting transition for all participants within your Government Department. PRIME also help organization to automate the complex provisioning process so user have immediate access to resource across the organization systems and applications.

Key Feature

  • With role-based provisioning you can assign resources to the users based on business roles and policies
  • Self-defining posts and ranks information, searching criteria, which provides the administrator more flexibility during changing of post or re-organization according to the business need
  • Automatically updated the user's attributes (rank, location, access right...), once his/her role is changed
  • All the changes to the roles will take effect on the scheduled date
  • Provide audit trail
  • Multi-level security control and user access right


  • Once the user's post is changed, his/her attributes will be changed simultaneously
  • Supports one user has two roles at the same time, and it is a very important function for the business/organization needs
  • Allows the administration to pre-assign the new post to a user. And it will take effect on the effective date automatically
  • Easily generate up-to-date / provision complete posting list, and related reports
  • The attributes for the post, act as the key factors for the access rights to the organization systems and applications
  • Reduce the IT support costs

PRIME Screen Capture

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