OPM Cloud Computing Service

OPM Cloud Computing Services

OPM SYSTEMS COMPANY LTD is now on the list of Government Public Cloud service provider

1. Service strategy: OPM Cloud Computing Services is one of our major investments in these few years. We spent and invested over 2 years to establish the cloud computing services. OPM professional team developed our own applications and the web Content Management Framework running on our cloud services environment. It is the new marketing strategy selling OPM applications with the cloud services platform.

2. Investment portfolios: Portal hosting services for the customers, mainly the CMS portal OPM designed and provided the tools to let the users self manage the contents. Moreover, mailing service could be bundled as requested. Provide the development platform for In-house IT or SI to develop their applications (mainly JAVA applications run under Linux O/S) - investment in datacenter facilities
- investment in storage solution
- investment in security protection
- investment in networking infrastructure
- investment in virtual machine technology

3. Benefits of the designs:
- Reduce the setup costs and maintenance costs for the hardware and networking in customer offices.
- OPM provided 24 X 7 services for all the cloud services
- Centralization of company information / data, authorized users could view the full pictures in any branch anywhere.
- Using our cloud as development platform could save the setup cost and times, only purchase the equipments/hardware once the development is success.
- The primary goal of information security is to protect information assets and thus to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability, along with related goals such as authenticity, accountability and reliability, etc.
- OPM is the cloud partner empowered by Microsoft

4. Value-added Management:
Applications Development
Web Portal and Content Development
End User Portal Solution
OPM Cloud Computing Services