iPortal is a web portal, built up by the OPM self-develop framework. It can help the company to promote their image through the internet, and easily update their information. It also acts as a departmental portal for staff and provides a one-stop service center for them, especially for the SME.

iPortal has the capability to add more plug-and-play components (portlets) easily, with built in access control for each portlet.

Key Feature

  • Up to date plug-and-play components (Portlets) ready.
  • Different areas of portlets are provided, e.g. file repository management, RSS, forum and discussions, voting, and etc.
  • Built-in logic to manage the displayed information, e.g. expiry date control for the events.
  • Well integrated with OPM, and other 3rd parties applications.
  • Multi-level security control and user access rights.
  • Provides statistic reports about hit rates, and login history.


  • iPortal is a cost effective platform to promote a company, and manage staff activities such as apply leaves, and reimbursements.
  • Easy to build an interface to integrate with the company's applications. (e.g. link up the reimbursements with the A/P)
  • Staff can personalize their own workspaces.
  • User can access iPortal anywhere, at anytime through any web browser.
  • The user friendly admin page provides an easy way to self update information, to minimize IT support cost.
  • Easily tailor made to suit the uniqueness of a company.

iPortal Screen Capture

iPortal Screen Capture 1
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iPortal Screen Capture 2
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