i@Playgroup is a comprehensive system designed especially for the playgroup or education/learning centres which handle students relationship, course registration and billing, tutors and classrooms arrangements and reports and eventually financial ledgers. It is a 100% web based application. Users could get rights information at right time and enhance your competitiveness in the market. It could also integrated with content management system CMSmart to facilitate all web contents management capability to provide real time web site update with zero administration effort. Furthermore, it could integrate with i@EDU providing a good relationship between tutors in centre, parents and students in order to minimize the turnover rate.

Key Feature

  • Keep track of student attendance and class status
  • Automatic billing notes reminder and renewal
  • Friendly user interface for classes, students and tutors booking
  • Well integrated with the content management system, information in i@Playgroup could easily publish to the webpage. (e.g. time table, course information, tutor profile...)
  • Notifications to students/parents, tutors with email system integration.
  • Well integrated with the accounting system
  • Well integrated with i@EDU for students, parents and tutors communication platform.
  • Support multi-branches of the playgroup
  • Multi-level security control and user access right
  • Graphical sales analysis


  • One-stop solution to complete major daily tasks for the centre(s)
  • Automatic billing notes reminder and outstanding payment reminder preventing any missing transactions
  • Simple and easy interface for managing students, tutors and classroom
  • Users can access right information (with secure access control and encrypted format) at right time through the web browser at any branches and perform cross centre operation.
  • Reduce both IT and Admin supporting cost
  • Quick and Easy to learn and deploy

i@Playgroup Screen Capture

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i@Playgorup Screen Capture 2
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