iIssue is a lightweight service tool designed for customer service providers to manage project issues, and provide a communication channel within their customers and partners.

iIssue is a cost effective solution to empower your customer service strength and build up a better relationship with the customers.

Key Feature

  • A generic call log system provided to the team members and the customers to report issues.
  • Automatically notify related parties and team members for any incoming issues.
  • Keep track of up-to-date project progress and milestones.
  • Automatically escalate issues to supervisor level for issues that has passed the deadline.
  • Supports exporting issue information to other project management systems.
  • Multi-level security control and user access right.


  • Provide a web base platform for customers to report their issues directly, and to keep track of the issues' completed.
  • The related staff can view incoming issues, update the issue progress, and mark the completion of the issue.
  • It can help save time spent on paper work.
  • The alert system guides the customer service staff to handle issues to the best schedule.
  • Centralize the issues of projects, in order for management to view the full picture in real time.
  • Easily tailor made to suit the uniqueness of a company.

iIssue Screen Capture

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