i@EDU is a social collaboration platform for the education organization. It provided a close relationship amongst teachers, students and parents. It provides a one-stop solution for the communications amongst those parties and sharing private/public information with each entity.

Key Feature

  • Keep track of the students' performance in their school life.
  • A centralize repository to store students related portfolios and transcripts.
  • Well integrated with the content management system.
  • Provides on-line education materials: e-books, e-quiz and games.
  • Notifications could integrate with the e-mail system or SMS system online chatting.
  • Multi-level security control and user access right.


  • Parents have a full picture of the school life of their children.
  • A platform for the Parents, teachers and students to share their comments, retain the update information, to improve the student's school life.
  • Provides a better communication channel amongst teachers and parents.
  • Parents could get the up-to-date performance statistics, which benefit the parents to help their children in the weakness areas.
  • Students could continuous their studies through the web, even in bad weathers or any unpredictable reasons they cannot go to school.
  • Easily tailor made to suit the uniqueness of a education organization.

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