iBrokers Insurance System is a comprehensive system designed especially for the insurance agent/broker which handles Customer Relationships, Policies, Renewals, and financial ledgers. It is a 100% web base application, so the user could access it through the internet.

iBrokers is a one-stop solution to empower your leading position and enhance your competitiveness in the market.

Key Feature

  • Support multi-level of CRM, brokerages, companies and currencies
  • Embedded a policy calculation engine to calculate profit sharing of the policy with different parties
  • Keep track of the policy history
  • Well integrated with the accounting system
  • Multi-level security control and user access right
  • Support different types of report formats, e.g. EXCEL, PDF, etc.


  • One-stop solution to complete the job from quotation to invoicing, and AR/AP
  • Centralize the policies and CRM data, management can view full pictures in real time
  • User can access iBrokers at anywhere, in anytime through any web browser
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Reduce the IT support costs
  • Easily tailor made to suit the uniqueness of a company

iBrokers Screen Capture

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