About Us

  • OPM Systems Company Limited is one of the leading solutions provider on Identity and Access Management(IAM).
  • We provide comprehensive deployment services to various network security solutions, software applications development and maintenance services to commercial corporations, government, semi-government sectors and education instituations.
  • We have an experienced team in solutions implementation and project management who help develop and deploy sophisticated business solutions that enhances business operations.


  • With over 4 years experience, OPM has a strong track record in deploying and developing e-business solutions for corporate customers and government departments.
  • Our staff in the professional service division have more than 15 years of experience in recommending, designing and implementing different business solutions and products to our customer environments.


  • Our approach is not simply to deliver the installation of a suitable piece of software but time spent understanding of your business and its processes.
  • We listen to customers to ensure requirements are fully addressed and solutions are designed to address customer needs.
  • Our Project Management Office help to ensure that the project is well and properly managed to ensure the project goal is achieved efficiently in timely manner.


  • Before we embark upon the set up and installation we discuss and understand your requirements and needs, both now and in the future.
  • From your requirements we establish the initial configuration setup and design the system to fit the needs of the business ensuring that future requirements are not overlooked.
  • Long after the solution has been implemented we continue to provide ongoing support to ensure that it continues to function and grow with your organization.

Business Partner

At OPM, we pride ourselves in our co-operation with other business partners. We have established strong links and business partnership with companies that are internationally renowned. As we continue in our role as one of the leading solutions provider in Identity and Access Management our portfolio of business partners will continue to grow.
Business Partner
Jardine OneSoluction Microware
Oracle CSL
Novell HP
OASIS Computer NetMon