Latest News: OPM SYSTEMS COMPANY LTD is now on the list of Government Public Cloud service provider


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  • With 17 years of experience in developing applications, we offer products that are suited to everyday businesses. Our products can aid businesses from handling of staff and customers to providing a safe and stable security network for your company.


  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • OPM Cloud Computing Services is one of our major investments in these few years. We spent and invested over 2 years to establish the cloud computing services. OPM professional team developed our own applications and the web Content Management Framework running on our cloud services environment.


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  • The challenge facing many organizations today is how to empower these mobile professionals and make them more productive while they are on the road. We provided solutions which allow businesses, government agencies, and mobile workers to maximize business and personal productivity by providing secure, easy-to-use, and instant mobile access to data, applications, and services on hundreds of mobile devices.